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Jonathan Peck 15 March 2013 4:43PM We are looking for extras for a professional trraining movie we are filming on Monday (that's this coming Monday 18 March). You don't have to do much, just sit in a training room and pretend you're listening to a presenter. The location is easy to get to - it's in the CBD at 200 Queen St. We need you to be available for about 2 hours, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. We can offer you $20 and perhaps a beer afterwards. If you have a good shirt or tie (boys) or something reasonably smart that you'd wear to work (girls) that'll help. If you can bring your own laptop or ipad, even better, but not essential.

If you're interested, call John on 0407 684 782 today/ tonight to 7.00pm or over the weekend, and he'll give you the rest of the details. This could be the start of your movie career!

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