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Belinda Coker 13 September 2016 5:54AM Are you a backpacker or an avid traveller? Do you have a great Instagram account because you take awesome photos? Is taking great Instagram shots second nature to you? Are you in Australia? planning to hit the beaches in Asia? the slopes in Japan? or even heading home to wet SW Wales? Wherever your destination, this little job could be right up your alley

And we want to talk to you!

Representing a few brands (homeware/eco/beach/clothing) with more to come over the next six months, we are looking for en-trend energetic people who are willing to trial/use/keep our products in exchange for regular Instagram-worthy images. Not only will you receive free product (backpack friendly), we will also pay you for your efforts. Not only will we pay your for your efforts, but we also have in place a bonus system for the best images received. Oh, and did I mention we pay in USD.

If you are in Melbourne now, then we would like to talk to you. Please notify me back with your interest and we can go from there.

Kind regards

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